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Statutes of FeM:
Open the statutes of the FeM e.V. (PDF 103kb, last change: 15.01.2014, only in German)

Membership fee regulations of FeM:
Open the membership fee regulations of the FeM e.V. (PDF 64kb, last change 09.07.2013, only in German)

User rules of the FeM-Net:
Open the user rules of the FeM-Net (PDF 103kb, last change 15.09.2004, only in German)

Application forms of FeM (also for change data):
FeM-Membership application form (PDF 69kb, English and German, last change 03.12.2015)
Application form for FeM-Net access (PDF 70kb, English and German, last change 03.12.2015)


FeM Information sheet (both FAQ + Configuration):
Open FeM Information sheet in English (PDF 53kb, last change: 03/29/2012)

FAQ Sheet:
Open FAQ sheet in English (PDF 36kb, last change: 03/29/2012)

Configuration sheet:
Open Configuration sheet in English (PDF 38kb, last change: 03/29/2012)


To open the files you need the Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer.